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Corban U to play role in final campaign by Graham


SALEM — Corban University here is now the Pacific Northwest headquarters for famed evangelist Billy Graham’s last campaign.
The 94-year-old has launched a campaign called My Hope, through which an estimated one million individuals, couples, families and small groups across the country will share the Good News of Jesus Christ with their friends in early November 2013. Corban University has 11 interns who are contacting churches and pastors and assisting with training.
From counseling presidents in their darkest hours to holding a child’s hand in Malawi, Graham has impacted millions around the globe. His influence spans decades and nations around the world. His wisdom has led him to the White House and home of other world leaders; every president since World War II has requested his counsel and friendship.
The evangelistic campaign has been held in 57 nations around the world. According to the campaign website, the number of non-religious people has doubled since 1990 and atheists and agnostics have tripled. The campaign hopes to make a difference in the lives of millions of Americans.
The project is based on the Bible’s account in Matthew 9:9-13, which tells how Matthew invited his friends to come meet and hear Jesus. My Hope will enable Christians to invite friends into their homes to hear a Billy Graham Good News message through one of half a dozen multimedia productions.
“Our country really needs hope right now,” said Liane Dehart, a Corban senior on the project. “There’s so many broken people … it’s going to be awesome to see how God uses this project.”