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Palau sees setback in his cancer fight


PORTLAND — Portland-based international evangelist Luis Palau and his family got some difficult news last month about his now-yearlong fight against stage 4 lung cancer.

As reported on the Palau.org website Jan. 11 by his son Kevin, doctors confirmed that the 84-year-old has had a setback after recent progress. “Sadly, the news was not what we had hoped,” Kevin Palau wrote. “Although his blood work continues to look great, the doctors confirmed the tumor has begun to grow once again. This comes after several months of very positive response to the immunotherapy treatments.  As a result, the doctors are switching to a new treatment plan and we’ll monitor progress closely.”

Palau himself gave a sober assessment Jan. 18 at the Mission ConneXion Northwest event in Tualatin, where he was the featured speaker on the opening evening.  Even though he had to be assisted by two people to the podium, Palau spoke energetically for an hour. But he acknowledged to the crowd that the cancer is intensifying and said doctors are saying he may only have several months left.

Whatever the outcome, “I’m ready to go,” Palau said.

In his website statement, Kevin Palau described his father as “still in great spirits and quite active.”  He said his dad spent a busy week last month with the Palau team, discussing plans for this year’s outreach, including festivals in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire; Madrid, Spain; Swansea, Wales; Tyler, Texas; and Cape Town, South Africa.

“My brother Andrew will be the lead evangelist for each of these campaigns, although Dad is still hoping and praying he will be healthy enough to take part in the Madrid festival in June,” Kevin wrote.

Also on this year’s schedule is the release of Palau’s most most recent book Palau: A Life on Fire (Zondervan, June 2019). and the release of a major motion picture on his life.

Information about the movie and the film’s trailer are at www.palauthemovie.com. It’s set to hit theaters throughout the United States and Latin America on April 6.

“Please keep praying,” Kevin concluded.  “We continue to trust the Lord for Dad’s well-being and thank God daily for the time we have with him.”