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Pro-life agency challenges ethics of COVID vaccines


NORCROSS, Ga.  — Georgia Right to Life last month announced its policy opposing vaccines whose development exploited the intentional death of a pre-born child.

“The production and testing of vaccines using the remains of aborted human beings, regardless of manner of conception, is morally wrong and must be opposed. GRTL strongly urges the rejection of such vaccines,” the policy statement says.

“We’re not giving medical advice to anyone,” explained GRTL President Ricardo Davis. “We’re just presenting the facts that most groups are ignoring, because many pro-life advocates will have a problem taking such a vaccine.”

Davis noted that COVID-19 vaccines developed by both Moderna and Pfizer/BioNtech employed a testing process, either by them or a third party, that used a cell line obtained from the kidney of an aborted child.

A third vaccine being pursued by AstraZeneca is even worse, Davis said.  It uses that same cell line for production of its vaccine.

“Exploiting the death of a child for any reason — no matter how noble — is morally wrong. It denies the personhood of a pre-born child.”

According to Davis, the testing phase involves using animals — the standard protocol of vaccine development before human trials begin. Specialized mice were “humanized,” meaning mice embryos were implanted with cells from an aborted child that were programmed to develop into humanized lungs. Researchers then inject them with the vaccine, as well as a coronavirus similar to COVID-19 to test the mice’s immune response.

“There are alternative, ethical ways to conduct such tests, as well as to produce a vaccine,” Davis said. “I encourage everyone concerned about the link between abortion, vaccine development, biomedicine, and human trafficking to demand that government support the development of vaccines that don’t rely on the brutal act of abortion.””

Experts say they really don’t know how long a COVID-19 vaccine will be effective after it’s taken. Predictions range from six months to a year. Moderna recently announced it may be as short as three months.

For more information on other vaccines being pursued go to lozierinstitute.org