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Protective packaging: Concerns over sex trafficking communicated visibly


VANCOUVER, Wash. — A Vancouver-based outreach that combats sex trafficking both domestically and internationally recently communicated its concern in a most visible manner. Shared Hope International erected a 7-foot- tall pink doll box with the message “Children Aren’t Playthings” at various sites in the Phoenix, Ariz., area to raise awareness of child sex trafficking, specifically during last month’s NFL Super Bowl there.

Child sex trafficking affects an estimated 100,000 American children each year. Recent efforts by Arizona law enforcement, leaders and advocacy groups targeted the anticipated increase in sex trafficking activities during the Super Bowl. The “Children Aren’t Playthings” doll box campaign aims to challenge the dangerous objectification of prostituted individuals, including victims of child sex trafficking.

The exhibit was created by Brunner, a creative agency in Atlanta, Ga., to offer a stark reminder that despite a trafficker’s careful “packaging” of child trafficking victims for sale, they are children.

Guided by Christian values, Shared Hope International was founded in 1998 by former Congresswoman Linda Smith of Vancouver. For more information, go to sharedhope.org