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Financial planner shares lessons he has learned in a life of growing faith


PORTLAND — Among the values emphasized by Ron Wilkinson’s financial consulting firm, Security First Advisors, is the importance of lifelong learning. And Wilkinson himself openly shared at a ministry event here last month some of the most important lessons he says he has learned both in business and in life.

“You can thrive, not just serve,” he summarized at the promotional dinner for Portland-based Nehemiah Project International Ministries (NPIM) at the Multnomah Athletic Club. “You can bring glory to God, and you can bless and reach the community.”

The way to do that, said Wilkinson, is recognizing that wealth is accumulated for God’s purposes, that it has great potential to accomplish good, and that generous and voluntary giving to those less fortunate creates a right perspective regarding wealth.

“Giving generously breaks the power of money over us,” said Wilkinson.

Wilkinson shared several examples of what he has prioritized for his own personal giving to churches and ministries, and said he was doing so not to call attention to himself but to encourage others to bless many.

“I’m trying to give examples of what we can do for God, and it’s so exciting,” he said.

NPIM is a business development and support organization that partners with churches, marketplace ministries, educational institutions, associations and individuals worldwide. NPIM provides Bible-based business education, training and business coaching for Christian entrepreneurs and organizations.

Wilkinson said he learned much through his own challenging experiences and occasional errors in the world of business. He emphasized the Godly encouragement for enterpreneurs that NPIM provides and said that kind of support is critical during the tough times.

“Having someone who believes in you is the arms of God on Earth, and it’s important,” he said.

Following his talk, Wilkinson received NPIM’s annual Kingdom Business Impact Award from NPIM founder Patrice Tsague.

Also speaking briefly at the event was Gabriel Oleko, a native of Congo who now serves as a pastor in Paris, France.  Oleko told how in both nations hundreds are being trained Godly principles for successful business through NPIM’s Bibical Entrepreneurship program.

For more information, go to nehemiahproject.org