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George Fox to move a historic home on campus


NEWBERG — Construction of a new residence hall at George Fox Univer-sity is necessitating the move of a historic 1912 house from northeast campus on North Villa Road to a southwest location on East Sheridan Street.

On Sunday, June 3, the university will move the 2,400-square-foot Villa Road House down Fulton Street and North Meridian Street and onto an empty lot on Sheridan Street. A smaller carriage house from the property also will be moved on the same route. Crews will begin the move at about 5:30 a.m. and complete the project by 6 p.m.

Rather than destroy the historic structures, the university opted to move them, placing them between its Spiritual Life House on the corner of Sheridan and Meridian streets and the Armstrong House on Sheridan. A garage currently attached to the Spiritual Life House will be torn down to make room for the relocations.

The event will result in a temporary loss of utilities in some homes. The shutoff is expected to be brief, as crews will immediately reconnect service as the structures pass the location.

The transport will begin at 5:30 a.m., when crews begin moving the carriage house west along Fulton Street, followed by the Villa Road House. The carriage house is expected to arrive at its new location at about 3 p.m., while the Villa Road House will arrive at its new address of 910 E. Sheridan St., at about 6 p.m.

With its relocation, the house is being renamed the Chehalem House. The house currently occupies the property where the new residence hall – a four-story structure to house about 190 students – will be built. Details on the move are at georgefox.edu/villa.