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Huge Clark County picnic gets new location


CNNW publisher

VANCOUVER, Wash. — Although a National Park Service policy change on use of Pearson Air Museum last year forced cancellation of Detour Ministries’ Clark County All-Church Picnic, the big event returns Saturday, Aug. 4 at a new site — Esther Short Park downtown.

Plans for the revived event were outlined to about 150 people at Detour’s annual Clark County Pastor’s Appreciation Breakfast June 20 at the Heathman Lodge.
Ryan Hurley of Detour said about 3,500 people from many churches attended the 2011 picnic, and a big crowd is again expected.
He explained that Detour’s aim is to encourage a sincere unity in Christ that can prompt individual churchpeople to help make Clark County better.

“Unity that is done right under a common vision stimulates the individuality of us all,” he said.
The free-admission picnic runs from noon to 6 p.m. and includes live worship music and a wide range of attractions for families to enjoy. A special feature at 2:30 p.m. will be The Cross Builder, a dramatic visual presentation by evangelist Doug McCary. Picnic attenders are asked to bring lunches, blankets and chairs, and park toys. For details, go to allchurchpicnic.com.
K.P. Yohannon, founder of the international ministry Gospel for Asia, was originally scheduled to speak at the June 20 pastors’ breakfast, but later informed Hurley that he could not take part. In his place, Kevin Palau, president of the Luis Palau Association, gave an overview of how a “Gospel Movement” in the Portland metro area is seeing thousands of churchpeople showing the love of Christ in tangible acts of service, assisting schools, foster care programs and more.
Palau said that Portland-based movement stands ready to help Clark County churches find ways to meet a variety of needs in the same way.
“Tell us if there’s anything we can do that’s not offensive, that doesn’t sound like your ‘cousin’ down south is telling you what to do,” Palau quipped.