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Local churches in August will promote ‘Date Night’ emphasis

Leslie and Les Parrott

CNNW publisher

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Leslie and Les Parrott

PORTLAND — More than 100 churches in this part of the Northwest next month will emphasize the importance of fun in healthy marriage relationships, urging couple in their congregations to take time for four weekly “Date Nights” during the month.

In addition, couples participating in Date Night Challenge PDX will be encouraged to cap off the month’s emphasis by attending a special free-admission event 7 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 25 at City Bible Church’s Rocky Butte Campus, 9200 N.E. Fremont, featuring nationally known authors and relationship experts Les and Leslie Parrott of Seattle.

“The churches are unified in just saying, ‘We want to do more about relationships,’ ’’ explained Aimee Gebarowski, promotions coordinator for the Portland effort.

According to Gebarowski, brand viagra for sale paypal Date Night Challenge PDX is modeled after similiar events first held in West Palm Beach, Fla., and Chicago, Ill., and spreading to other cities. What happened in Florida and Illinois is outlined at www.date-nightchallenge.com. According to local organizers, Date Night is a phenomenon catching on across the nation. They note that people are so busy with work and their social networks that they don’t have time for their most important relationships. The program focuses on carving time out of busy schedules to spend meaningful time with the person who matters most, and thus strengthen the marriage relationship.

“This makes sense for our city,” said Gebarowski. “We have a great city for dating. The idea was let’s bring this to Portland. But it’s not just for churches; it’s for everyone to get involved.”

Still, participation by churches is seen as key to promoting the concept locally. Gebarowski said about 80 different churches were represented at two pastors’ briefings held June 6. A morning session for Portland’s eastside took place at City Bible Church’s Rocky Butte Campus, and a westside gathering was held that afternoon at Solid Rock Church.

Among the speakers at both was Kevin Palau, president of the Luis Palau Association and son of the Portland-based international evangelist.
Cindy Kirk, who coordinates the local Season of Service silvitra costo community service programs for the Palau team, is also helping promote Date Night Challenge PDX with a special faith emphasis to churches in Portland and vicinity.

“We’re putting our stamp of endorsement on it,” said Kirk. “We are into mobilizing the church and, whenever it makes sense, to put our endorsement on such programs.”

Tom Dressel of Every Marriage Matters, a Clackamas County-based ministry, was enthused to learn about the Portland program.

“It’s going to be valuable for the couples and churches that participate,” he said. “Having fun in marriage is vitally important. It’s what brought each of us together as couples in the first place.”

Gebarowski said there are other good reasons for churches to get involved as well.

“We are trying to provide not only information about Date Night, but we also want the churches to have some really helpful tools to build up their marriage ministries,” said Geb-arowski. “There is a lot of material out there and a lot of things churches could be doing for marriages and relationships.”

To that end, propecia generic 1 mg Date Night Challenge PDX has put together a resource packet for churches. It includes access to a variety of leading adult class and small group resources pertaining to marriage, sermon notes with presentation graphics, and research on marriage and family.

Likely to be of particular interest to many churches is that the packet contains a customized code allowing every couple in the church to take the Couples Check-up survey by Life Innovations’ Prepare/Enrich cheap cialis generic buy cialis 2.5 mg online program free of charge. This is normally a $30 per couple value, so for entire churches this addition to the packet is worth potentially many hundreds of dollars.

Gebarowski said the “grand finale” to the August emphasis will be the Parrotts’ event, titled Fight Night.

“They are taking their cue from boxing, or a mixed martial arts theme,” she said. “The goal is to show basically how to ‘fight fair’ in relationships. Les and Leslie are comedic, and this is supposed to be a real fun, hilarious time so that guys and gals, whatever stage their relationship is in, they can benefit from.”

For more information on Date Night Challenge PDX, phone 503-348-5048 or contact Gebarowski at aimee@datenightpdx.org.
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