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Oregon pastors called this month to be Watchmen on the Wall


For the fourth time since 2009, a key leader in a national Christian organization is this month touring Oregon to awaken pastors to the times in which they live.

“We’re working in concert with others to engage pastors and help them stand up in their communities,” said Randy Wilson, national field director for Colorado-based Family Research Council.

From April 21 to 27, Wilson and Denny Stahl, pastor of Calvary Chapel Grants Pass and a “pastor ambassador” to Oregon for FRC, will meet with pastors statewide to encourage them to get involved in FRC’s Watchman on the Wall program. While pastors in communities of all sizes are invited, a special focus that week will be on the state’s larger cities.

According to FRC President Tony Perkins, America’s problems are not just political and cultural, but also spiritual in nature. Therefore, Perkins said, “these problems ultimately require a spiritual solution administered by spiritual leadership. That is why we are championing pastors to transform America.”

The Watchman on the Wall program calls pastors to pray for the nation, “preach without apology” and to partner with other pastors who will lead their churches to have a positive influence in their communities, states and nation.

Wilson said that more than a decade ago, Perkins, then a state representative in Louisiana, felt led to bring pastors to the state capitol there to influence positive change. Although Louisiana has a longtime reputation for corrupt politics, pastors there testify that it is today a “different place” with Godly leadership and that many of the state’s challenges are being addressed effectively.

“It confirmed that the smallest of light can dispel the greatest darkness,” said Wilson.

Watchman on the Wall seeks to connect, build and develop relations among pastors. “God told Tony that what He did on the state level, He wants to do on a national level,” said Wilson. “We believe our pastors are our last best hope in the land.”

Stahl acknowledged some pastors in Oregon say they “just want to preach the Gospel and to get people saved” and are therefore reluctant to take part in the FRC program.

“But in order to preserve the right in this great nation to preach the Gospel, they need to join us and become ‘Watchmen on the Wall,’” said Stahl.

Stahl said Wilson is helping design a process by which Oregon pastors can connect with others who share a vision for American renewal and who will respond to the call.

At press time, Wilson’s schedule was still being determined. For details, contact Stahl at 541-476-6827 or at info@calvarygp.com. For more information on the FRC program, go to www.watchmenpastors.org.