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Palau responds well to medical care


BEAVERTON — Eleven weeks after their sober announcement that Portland-based international evangelist Luis Palau has stage 4 lung cancer, his family members were able to give a more upbeat update.

Kevin Palau, one of the 83-year-old Palau’s sons and president of his evangelistic association, said March 28 they were delighted that chemotherapy had not only slowed — but actually reversed — growth of the lung tumors.

In fact, all tumors had shrunk by one-third, all fluid around the lungs was resolved, blood work looked good and all tested levels looked normal.

These results amazed the doctors, said Kevin.“The medical team reiterated that the chemotherapy treatment was only expected to slow the growth of the tumors,” he wrote in an email to friends of the Palau ministry. “They never expected the treatment to actually reverse the growth.  Everyone is very encouraged and praising the Lord for the wonderful news.”

Based on these good results, the doctors started Palau on another two months of chemotherapy, to be followed by further tests.

“Please pray for this next round of chemotherapy treatment,” said Kevin. “Although results have been encouraging … amazing really … it’s not easy on Dad’s body. Pray for continued strength and peace.”

As of press time for this newspaper, there have been no other updates from the family since March 28.  Updates can be seen at www.palau.org/luishealth