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Portland high school launches rebuild


PORTLAND — A Christian high school that has operated here more than a century has launched an ambitious program to update its facilities for the first time in more than a half-century.
Portland Adventist Academy, a ninth-through-12th grade school with an enrollment of close to 250 students, is proposing a long-range, three-phase project to replace its aging building on the school’s current 20-acre site at S.E. 96th and Market. The property has easy access to Interstate 205.

For all phases to come to fruition between now and the targeted full completion in the fall of 2022, the estimated total cost is $18.2 million. A total 91,531 square feet of construction is planned.

Work has begun on the first phase, with an estimated cost of $7.71 million and encompassing 31,224 square feet. Completion is set for fall 2016. Already $4.91 million has been raised, and a campaign is under way to secure the remaining $2.8 million.

The first phase calls for a new 29,000 square-foot building that will include a 500-seat chapel that will also serve as a performing arts center, music department, welcome center and administrative offices. It also will include a new entryway, parking lots and an all-weather lighted sports field.

Phase two is budgeted at $5.5 million, with an estimated completion date in the fall of 2019. At 33,480 square feet, it includes a classroom and library building, and professional-quality studios for producing and editing both videos and music.

The third phase calls for a $5 million investment by 2022 with construction of a gymnasium, rock climbing gym, cafeteria and auto technology center, for 26,827 square feet.

Operated by Seventh-day Adventists, the school was founded in 1910 and was previously known as Portland Union Academy, serving grades 1-12. The name changed when the elementary section became its own school, Portland Adventist Elementary, in 1975; that school is at 3990 N.W. First St. in Gresham. During the process, the high school section was renamed Portland Adventist Academy.

The main building on campus was built in 1963 and has seen serious deterioration over time. The school’s governing board pondered whether to remodel or rebuild, and determined that a new school is needed.

School leaders say the facilities update is critical to continue offering a quality and spiritually strong educational experience for students.

“As we head into the future, our dream is to expand our ability to provide the place, people, and principles that students need to live Christ-centered and character-driven lives,” summarizes a promotional booklet on the current funding campaign.

For more information, contact Principal Dan Nicola at dnicola@paasda.org or 503-255-8372, ext. 212 or Monte Torkelson, chaplain and development director, at mtorkelsen@paasda.org or 503-255-8372, ext. 254.