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Repentance call targets West Coast state capitals



SALEM — Prompted in part by three Californians’ formal call for national repentance on a designated day this month, similar efforts are urged for other days this month in West Coast states, and are inspiring some special events here in Oregon’s capital city Thursday, Sept. 10.
The National Day of Repentance is promoted by California residents Jeffery Daly, Rodger Martin and James Wilson for Wednesday, Sept. 23. A like observance for California is planned for Sept. 9, for Oregon Sept. 10 and for Washington state Sept. 11.
At dayofrepentacce1.org, the purpose behind the effort is outlined:
“What exactly is the National Day of Repentance and why is this important to you personally? History and Biblical Scripture tells us that all nations with internal ‘moral decay’ have eventually become fallen empires, no matter how large or how powerful … We believe that many nations are sadly on this same pathway and that the “set time has come” (Psalm 102:13). Unless we embrace, both personally and nationally, a true repentant attitude, as evidenced by taking a stand against abortion, marriage re-definition and evil government control, we will soon be ruled by tyranny. The Bible clearly states that the outcome of our current disobedience will be destruction and bondage.”
Responding to the repentance prayer effort, a round-the-clock prayer and worship effort called David’s Tent Oregon will be held Tuesday through Friday, Sept. 8-11, on the Capitol Mall across Court Street from the front steps of the Oregon State Capitol in Salem.
According to Rev. Mildred Yamaski, founder of Complete Joy Ministries and one of about a dozen Oregon ministry leaders who have endorsed the emphasis, the title David’s Tent was selected because it is the title of a similar outdoor worship and prayer event that has been held the past several years in Washington, D.C.
The Oregon event will utilize the Oregon Tabernacle Tent, a 20-foot-by-20-foot octagonal tent designed to serve as a mobile prayer and worship center. “This is a place of revelation, revival and restoration where prayer, praise, petition and repentance takes place,” said Yamasaki.
On Thursday the 10th, two special events are scheduled there. From 2 to 3 p.m. will be prayer for the state’s lawmakers. Then from 7 to 9 p.m. is a “Solemn Assembly” on the steps of the Capitol.
Similar Solemn Assemblies will be held in California and Washington’s capital cities of Sacramento and Olympia, respectively, on Sept. 9 and 11.
In the case of Oregon, a proclamation from the event endorsers at first lists the state’s many failings, including tax dollars funding abortion, legalization of doctor-assisted suicide, broken covenants with tribal communities, rampant divorce, allowance and promotion of sexual immorality, human trafficking, child abuse, and domestic violence.
But it then notes “history is replete with incidents of these and other crises being positively addressed when the people commit themselves to a season or prayer, fasting and repentance without limit or agenda,” and asks for God to mercifully restore Oregon.
Among the Oregon endorsers, in addition to Yamasaki, are Rev. Peter Carlson, Sunny Lemming and Whitney Sciotto of Pray Oregon, Rev. Jim Moore of Salem House of Prayer, Pastor Steve Trujillo of Father’s House City Ministries in Portland, Pastor Dan Lundy of the ShastaCosta tribal nation, author Doug Sheddy and James Autry of the Christian Chamber of Commerce of the Northwest.
For more information, contact Yamasaki at 503-902-8310 or completejoyministries@gmail.com or the Salem House of Prayer at 503-589-9176.