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Salem-made online program to ease follow-up with new Christians



SALEM — Locally based international evangelist Reid Saunders and his team are designing a new online program called NextStudy, which aims to make an organization’s event follow-up with new believers easier. The program will connect new believers to nearby churches and enable them to pursue an ongoing biblical education.
When new believers register online with NextStudy, they will have the ability to change the website language to their own preferred language. They will be led through a lesson that restates the nature of their decision and will be directed to a nearby church. In this way, churches can find prospective members after an event and counsel new believers.
The program also will provide online resources for learning and growth and is meant to enable new believers to continue moving forward in their personal relationships with God. In partnership with Reid Saunders Association, Corban University will offer accredited online courses for growing believers through the program.
Brett Butcher, director of NextStudy’s development, said the program has incredible potential in this area.
“My personal hope would be to see decision-makers go through the program’s entire process, go through Corban, get their degree, and go back out on the field,” he said “That would be the dream result.”
Development of NextStudy is on schedule and moving forward as planned, Butcher said. In order to ensure sufficiency of speed and server continuity, developers are continually updating and testing the program for bugs, as well as conducting field testing worldwide on four different continents. The current version is live and available for free.
As the first phase of development nears completion, plans for NextStudy 2.0 are advancing. This update will include a smartphone application and more biblical resources. A growing list of more than 35 organizations have indicated interest in using the program once it is fully completed.
“We want this program to further all ministries and to see more people come to Christ,” Butcher said. “Every major industry has research and development. Does evangelism have that as well?”
Reid Saunders Association is an evangelistic organization that has proclaimed the Gospel to more than 67 million people across the world. Its founder, Saunders, has ministered in more than 77 nations at festivals, conferences, and outreach events. Saunders is also the author of Life to the Fullest and All for Jesus! Making Your Life Count for Christ.
Read more about Saunders and his new book Active8 at reidsaunders.org.