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Third initiative effort to halt state abortion funding set for Oregon


CORVALLIS – Might the third time be the charm for letting Oregon voters decide whether to ban state funding of abortion?
A new pro-life organization, Oregon Life United, last month announced the launch of a renewed effort to end the public funding of abortion in the state through a citizen initiative planned for the November 2016 ballot.
Jeff Jimerson of Corvallis and former State Sen. Marylin Shannon of Brooks have filed preliminary paperwork with the secretary of state’s office and initial sponsor signatures are now being gathered.
According to state government statistics, in the last fiscal year Oregon taxpayers paid for 3,556 abortions, at a total cost of $1,791,037. Approximately 10 abortions per day are funded by taxpayers through the Oregon Health Plan.
“We strongly believe that Oregon taxpayers deserve a choice in where our tax dollars are spent,” said Jimerson, director of Oregon Life United PAC and who spearheaded similar, but unsuccessful, initiative efforts in both 2012 and 2014.
“And we know that most Oregonians don’t want their hard-earned money being used for abortions.”
Oregon Life United has a growing network of supporters from its previous two attempts at qualifying for the ballot. Volunteers gathered 98,000 signatures in 2014 and 72,000 in 2012. A total of 117,578 valid signatures are needed to qualify for the 2016 statewide ballot.
Oregon Life United last month sent out a statewide mailing to raise the first $100,000 needed to launch a successful campaign.
“In 2009, the year I first discovered my tax dollars were directly funding abortions in Oregon, I found myself feeling both angry and confused,” Ji-merson wrote in the mailing. “I questioned how we — especially those of us who profess faith in Christ — could have allowed this to happen, and I became determined to find out what could be done to correct this great moral wrong.”
More information about Oregon Life United and the initiative campaign can be found at www.oregonlifeunited.org.