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U.S. Christians need to be informed, involved and bold, says Boykin


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BORING — To help solve the nation’s many problems, it is essential that American Christians be informed and involved —and do it all with a boldness and unity based on their sure faith.

That, in a nutshell, was the advice retired U.S. Army Lt. Gen. William G. “Jerry” Boykin, an ordained minister and now executive vice president of the Family Research Council, gave in his “Christian response for America” March 8 at Good Shepherd Community Church in Boring.

“Most of all, stand boldly for your faith,” said Boykin. “Stand up and tell people what you believe.”

Boykin spoke at the invitation of his close friend Stu Weber, popular author and pastor and co-founder of the church. In introducing Boykin, Weber said concern for the welfare of the nation should be a natural outgrowth of the Christian walk.

“Does God take a personal interest in the nations? I believe He does,” said Weber. “It’s no mistake that He’s caused you and me today to live in this nation.”

America has had an important part in God’s purposes, added Weber.

“Our nation has been used, for a couple hundred years, as a launch pad for the Gospel,” he said.

Sharing Weber’s viewpoint, Boykin drew from his background in both the Department of Defense and Family Research Council in discussing both the internal and external threats to America.

He said Family Research Council has been unjustly labeled as a hate group simply for advocating traditional values.

“Folks, we are a culture at war today,” he said. “It is getting very serious.”

He specifically cited seven areas of concern:

•the enormous national debt, with the nation now borrowing an “incredible” $1 million per minute.

•”all-out assaults” on religious freedom. “They’re trying to drive us, as believers, underground,” he said.

•the disintegration of the traditional family, particularly one-man-one-woman marriage. There also tragically have been 56 million abortions since 1973, but the good news is that on the state levels pro-life efforts are winning, he said.

•a culture of lawlessness, with political leaders of both parties consisistently ly-ing to the people.

•eroding national character, with America becoming “a nation of takers rather than givers.”

•cuts in the nation’s defense even as nuclear arms races are likely in both the Pacific and Mideast regions.

•the threat from radical Islam, which he said is even infiltrating America.

Boykin said political involvement is essential for Christians, starting at the local level by running for school boards and city and county offices. He said Christians should sign petitions for Godly causes and get informed on the major issues facing the nation.

“And for the sake of Almighty God, do not sit out the elections,” he emphasized.