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Worship teams urged to apply for Oregon’s “David’s Tent’



SALEM — Worship teams from around Oregon are invited to apply to participate in the sixth annual David’s Tent on the Capitol Mall here July 10-18.

Eight days of non-stop praise and worship will emanate just steps away from the Capitol , and organizers sense growing interest and participation again this year.

“It’s an opportunity to bring people together from all across the state to give God the glory that He is due,” said Peter Carlson, of the Pray Oregon and Salem House of Prayer leadership teams.  “It is 24/7 worship and prayer time.  Worship teams will sign up for a two-hour time sets, and rotate every two hours.”

Worship will exude from inside a 20×30 tent where chairs are set up for the public.  A separate “ministry” tent will be open during the day and again be situated nearby for people requesting prayer.

David’s Tent takes its name from ancient Israel’s King David, who pitched a tent near his palace and posted more than 4,000 worshipers there during his 33-year reign.

In the past five years, about 100 Oregon cities have been represented at David’s Tent.  This number is growing, said Jim Moore, founding director of Salem House of Prayer.  “Our goal is to have representations from every city in the state,” he said. “The idea of David’s Tent is to call people to the Capitol. We’re calling the body of Christ to once a year come together. We’re saying, ‘Let’s come together to the Capitol as one body before the Lord.’ ”

David’s Tent is a grassroots movement of day and night prayer and worship founded in 2012, and since 2015 Christians have been worshipping Jesus 24 hours a day on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. in the longest-running outdoor worship event in U.S. history.

On Oregon’s Capitol Mall for a week each summer since 2015, David’s Tent is overseen by Salem House of Prayer and Pray Oregon.  Other groups support it as well.

“There are so many things that separate us,” said Moore.  “We want to make a conscious effort to lay aside all of our agendas and just come before Him.”

He likens the gathering in one aspect to the way state legislators come to Salem.

“The state legislators who come to the Capitol spend the majority of their time in their home cities, working for the good and welfare of their cities and regions,” said Moore.  “But, they also see the value of coming together in one place legislating corporately for the entire state once a year.  We see ourselves somewhat like this.  Let’s come to-gether once a year, lay aside our individual agendas, and pray to Jesus and sing together, appealing to the King of Kings.”

“We are not a political gathering.  We’re a prayer meeting.  It’s a Christ-centered movement for sure,” Moore added.

Individual denominations or ministries are not emphasized.  “We avoid that because we don’t want to be a promotional thing for anyone.  It’s for all of us to come together as one.  Our attitude is that we just want to promote Jesus.  Most people really get this.  They like this concept.”

“We’re expecting to see that God is on the move.   I’m expecting God to break into our state.  To do something powerful that perhaps we’ve never seen before. “

Worship teams wanting to be part of this year’s David’s Tent should go online to www.davidstentoregon.org